Monthly Reports

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  • A monthly management report is provided at least 48 hours prior to the regularly scheduled monthly board meeting.
  • The report contains all information needed to keep a board member informed without having to have a board meeting to find out “what’s going on”. 
  • Included are complete financials, proposals, agenda, property inspection report, work order status, task status, violation status, incoming correspondence and more.

Mobile Apps

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  • Allows board members access to all documents stored on the portal website including those that are board member-only accessible.
  • Provides access to a library of emails and announcements.
  • Shows calendar of events and meetings.

Board Only Portal

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  • Only board members have access to generate real-time reports on the status of work orders, violations, and tasks assigned by the board to management.
  • Only board members have access to each owner’s maintenance fee account status, violation history, work order history, parking pass information, and more.
  • Only board members have access to specific folders in the Documents Library which contain monthly board reports, contracts, or other customizable information as requested by the board. 


  • Ability to do email blasts at no additional cost to the Association. 
  • Ability to do text blasts at no additional cost (with limited characters) for emergencies or reminder notifications.
  • Able to email non-statutorily required correspondence and just use USPS mail to owners who haven’t supplied an email address (cost savings to Association)