Administrative Management

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A True Cornerstone

Managing the day-to-day activities of a community requires an experienced team. A team that can effectively and efficiently operate in excellence.

But exactly, what kind of administrative services do we offer your community?

View our administrative services list below.

a. Develop and maintain a filing system of the Association’s important papers. Included would be such things as contracts, resident communications, public agency filings, financial information, insurance policies, resolutions, and legal documents. Originals of all important records are maintained by the Manager although they are the property of the Association.

b. Make the Association’s routine books and records available for inspection by any owner or mortgage holder upon reasonable notice during regular business hours at the Manager’s regular office location. Access to individual files shall be determined by the policy of the Association.

a. Prepare general correspondence dealing with routine operational matters between the Association and residents, contractors, agents, government officials, or other entities.

b. Arrange for the mailing or other distribution of Notices required by the Documents or directed by the Association, including but not limited to Notice Of Annual Meetings, Notice Of Elections, etc.
a. Assist the Association and its qualified insurance agent in placing the required insurance by providing required information. The Association retains sole responsibility regarding the type and amount of insurance coverage selected.

b. Receive and report to the insurance agent any known incident which may result in an insurance claim for which the Association may have responsibility. This Agreement specifically excludes any activity which could be construed as “claims adjusting” on the part of Manager.

c. Report to the Association any accidents, fires, or other claims related to the management, maintenance, and operation of the Association’s property.

d. Prepare the necessary information to assist the insurance carrier in the event of a workers compensation audit.

a. Implement a Computerized Complaint Tracking Program which shall be updated daily with all complaints from residents, directors, Association, etc. Activities related to the resolution of each complaint shall also be logged. Manager shall upon request of Association provide a current report and shall also include a monthly report of all complaints, reflecting the status of both solved and open items, as part of the monthly report package to Association.

b. Assist the Association in the refinement and/or development of the rules, regulations, and architectural review guidelines. Develop a rules compliance procedure for approval by the Association.

c. Receive written and signed complaints regarding rules violations and investigate as provided by present policy (these shall be included in the complaint tracking program).

d. In accordance with the Association’s policies, inform, in writing, residents who are in violation of rules.

e. Identify those readily visible and observed rules violations as part of routine site inspections.

f. Take other such actions as are consistent with the Association policy to assist the Association in the administration of enforcement provisions of the Documents, Resolutions, Rules and Regulations as are consistent with Association policy. Resulting Association-approved litigation which requires Manager involvement may be an additional charge as provided by the Management Staff Time Allocations section of this Agreement.

a. Inform the Association concerning significant and relevant legislation, insurance, financial practices, court decisions, or tax rulings pertaining to community associations that come to Manager’s attention.

b. Support an ongoing Association development of resolutions to address important administrative and policy matters.

c. Offer advice and direction to the Association regarding their governing process and responsibilities.

a. Provide basic information about the Association as requested by a seller, prospective buyer, or agent. Included would be any resale certificate mandated by law or Association documents. Costs for preparation of items such as resale certificates, or uniform project questionnaires shall be initially borne by Association and charged to those requesting such services. The manager is not expected to complete forms or applications for individual financing or for secondary market financing approval, and if it does, the Manager shall charge the person requesting the same.

b. Prepare the necessary correspondence, including payment status information, which will facilitate settlements.

c. Upon receipt of notification of a sale of a unit, prepare the necessary records and files required for accurate assessment billing and other communications.

d. Retain listing of recent Conveyancing information.

e. Establish and implement a system to ensure that all residents have received and are aware of Association By-laws, Rules & Regulations, and other appropriate documents prior to taking possession of their unit.

f. Develop, at the option and discretion of the Board, a screening program as required by Association documents for potential residents (owners and tenants). The manager shall be paid a fee for providing the services listed above (sections a-f) which is anticipated to be 50% of the fee paid by the potential resident to the Association for having the screening program performed.
a. Upon request, provide assistance to the Association in the selection of consultants to accomplish specialized functions for the Association in such areas as engineering, law, or public accounting.

b. Cooperate with those consultants selected and retained by the Association.
a. Coordinate and attend the annual resident’s meeting and other meetings where voting is to take place.

b. Prepare notices, nomination forms, proxies, mail ballots, and other appropriate documentation which are required to support the meetings.

c. Arrange the necessary materials, procedures, personnel, and otherwise support the operation of those meetings. Costs (other than those specifically designated as Manager’s responsibility within this Agreement) related to membership meetings shall be borne by the Association.
a. Prepare a Monthly Management Report in a consistent, organized, tabbed format to facilitate the Board Member’s understanding of the events of the past and upcoming month. This report shall highlight those items where the Management Company is requesting the Board to make a decision and should be categorized into the following components:

  • An Agenda for the meeting
  • A written report from the Management Company summarizing all events and materials within the Monthly Report.
  • Financial Reports
  • Copies of all incoming correspondence.
  • Copies of all outgoing correspondence.
  • Operations report from Property Manager.
  • Computer report reflecting status and actions taken of all Architectural Violations as well as Covenant, Rule and Regulation Violations.
  • Computer report reflecting status and actions taken regarding all service requests from unit owners over the past month.
  • Computer report reflecting status and actions taken for all work orders generated over the past month.
  • A written property inspection report by the property manager.
  • Specifications and bids on required projects.

b. Deliver the management report, along with other appropriate supporting information, to each Director at least TWO (2) days prior to each of the Association’s regularly scheduled Board Meetings

a. Manager shall attend a monthly board meeting at no additional charge to the Association. Association shall be responsible for taking minutes at these meetings.

Property Management

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Routine Services & Supervision

Certain physical components of the Association's property require routine services and resulting supervision. Those components are to be maintained in a manner with standards established by the Board subject to budgetary limitations.

Our Property Management Services can be broken down into the following categories:

a. Manager shall design a property inspection report specifically for the Property.

b. Conduct inspections to maintain current knowledge of the property. At least one fully detailed written property-wide inspection shall be conducted either weekly or every other week (at the direction of the Board) and included in the monthly report package to Association. The manager is aware that certain situations dictate partial property inspections of a written nature on occasion and shall perform the same as part of the Manager’s normal functions.

c. Identify those situations requiring corrective measures and take those measures consistent with Association policy and budgetary limitations.

d. Immediately report to the Board any major items which come to the attention of the Manager as a result of such inspections.

a. Receive and record reasonable service requests for repairs or maintenance of the Association’s property as are consistent with established Association policy in a computerized database to allow for efficient follow up and report generating capabilities. Go to top of page

b. Arrange for a prompt and satisfactory response to service requests for maintenance or repairs as permitted by Association policy, budget limitations, weather, and contractor availability.

a. Develop a competitive bidding process for projects and services where the cost will exceed $500 (or other amount designated by Board) and is requested by the Board.

b. Prepare and distribute bid specifications on routine services for Board review and approval.

c. Distribute those specifications to at least three interested, qualified, prospective bidders.

d. Receive bids and other contractor information.

e. Develop a comparative summary regarding the bids received.

f. Submit recommendations to the Board regarding the bids received, adherence to specifications, and information on past performance, (if known), which will assist the Board’s decision.

a. Facilitate the Board’s final selection of contractors for projects and services.

b. Assist the Association in preparing and negotiating contracts for projects and services. While the Manager will provide certain recommended contract language for routine services with Association-selected contractors, the Association will not rely on the Manager for legal or technical accuracy or completeness.

c. Obtain relevant certificates of insurance from selected contractors providing routine services.

d. Ensure that Notices of Commencement are filed for all major contracted work to be supervised by the Manager. Prior to recommending payment of contracted invoices, the Manager shall endeavor to receive all appropriate lien waivers and shall notify the Board of all lien waivers needed that have not been obtained.

a. Coordinate the contractors providing routine services for the Association, including but not limited to services such as trash removal, pest control, landscaping contracts, etc.

b. Monitor contractor performance to ensure compliance with contract specifications. To support Manager’s efforts, the Board shall assist in minimizing interference with contractors by unauthorized residents or volunteer leaders.

a. Administer and ensure a 24-hour, seven-day-per-week telephone call program to respond to Association service-related emergencies as defined by the Board and Manager in advance. This system shall be through a beeper/pager service.

b. Maintain a list of contractors, personnel, or firms in trades deemed necessary to maintain the property in a decent, safe, sanitary condition. Retained personnel or firms are subject to 24-hour call-in matters seriously affecting health, safety, or a reasonable level of personal comfort. Services provided are at the expense of the Association.

Financial Management

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Community Assets

It's important to keep a record of community income, expenses, assets, and liabilities.

When you partner with United, we utilize your granted authority to manage your financial operations, apart from reserve fund investments.

View our list below to learn how we help take your financial management to the next level.

a. Prepare the initial draft of the annual budget for approval by Association approximately 75 days before the start of each fiscal year during the term of this Agreement.

b. Assist the Association in the finalization of the budget by answering questions or obtaining additional relevant information. Adoption of each budget shall usually occur at least thirty to forty-five days prior to its effective date.

c. Prepare a mailing to owners of the approved budget in accordance with Association documents when requested by the Association.

a. Prepare coupon booklets for each existing resident which will be mailed prior to the beginning of the fiscal year. Additionally, coupon books for the remainder of the first calendar year of residency shall be supplied to all new residents upon their purchase of the home.

a. Receive and process the owner payments for both regular and special assessments. United shall track separately each of these types of Assessments. Payments are to be received at a lockbox for depositing by a bank directly into the Association’s account the day received by the Bank. In no case shall cash be accepted by Manager on behalf of the Association.

b. Deposit payments received at the Manager’s office within three business days into the separate Association operating account.

a. Maintain a monthly record of assessment billings, charges, adjustments, and payments as received.

b. Respond to owners and their prospective purchasers regarding their individual accounts on a timely basis.

a. Create a system with Association establishing dates and actions the Manager should take related to delinquency accounts. These would include, but not necessarily be limited to, the number of days delinquent resulting in: late penalty and first warning letter being levied; second warning letter (if any); and notice of intent to lien.

b. Administer the delinquency procedure by charging monthly late fees, preparing warning letters in the Association’s name consistent with the procedure, and answering questions regarding accounts.

c. Prepare account information to assist the Association’s attorney in any litigation. Manager court appearances with the attorney may be an additional charge depending upon Management Staff Time Allocations.

d. Issue Association copies both monthly and upon request of an aged delinquency report in a format to be approved by the Association.

a. Develop and monitor a payment voucher system for Association.

b. Receive and review all Association invoices and other bills.

c. Prepare checks for Board’s signature for payment of Association expenses within the Association’s cash-flow limitations. The manager will not use its own funds to assist the Association’s cash-flow situation nor will Manager be responsible for the consequences of insufficient Association funds.

d. Maintain vendor files containing payment information and invoice.

e. Issue annual 1099 Forms to qualified Association vendors, consistent with IRS guidelines.

a. Prepare and maintain the records necessary to produce monthly computerized financial statements.

b. Provide Association board members a copy of the following each month:

  • Balance Sheet – list assets and liabilities as of the end of the current period.
  • Income and Expense Statement (Profit and Loss) – list income and expenses by account (which had been designated by Association) showing the current month’s activity, current month’s budget, current month’s variance, year-to-date activity, year-to-date budget, year-to-date variance, and annual budget.
  • Delinquency report – reflecting individual charges on an aged basis as well as what actions have been taken that month by United on each delinquent account.
  • Cash Disbursement Journal – listing by all checks processed.
  • Copy of bank statement for each bank account held by the Association and a reconciliation report for each account.
  • Reserve analysis reflecting monthly additions and deletions to each reserve account.
  • Spreadsheet tracking on a 12-month trailing basis of the cost attributable to every utility meter (electric and water) that the Association is responsible for.
  • Prepaid insurance schedule.
  • Pre-payment Report – reflecting assessments received in advance of their due date.
  • Report from the Association’s attorney on the status of every account they are performing collection actions upon.

c. All financial reports shall be provided to each board member at least 48 hours prior to the monthly scheduled board meeting either by hand delivery, email or by uploading to the “board member only” area of the website provided to the Association by United.

d. At year-end closing, print Association one copy of the Year-end Cumulative General Ledger for the entire fiscal year.

e. Other financial reports are available upon request at no additional charge.

a. Cooperate with the Association’s independent Certified Public Accountant in the annual, quarterly, or semi-annual audit, review, or compilation by making all the records, books, and files available for inspection and review. Review the resulting audit and make the CPA’s recommended adjustments to the Association’s records; or

b. Prepare an annual financial statement (at no additional charge assuming a compilation is not required) and prepare and file the annual Federal and State income tax returns at a fee to be agreed upon by Manager and Board.

a. At the request of the Association, provide assistance in developing an investment policy or program which utilizes savings accounts, money market funds/accounts, certificates of deposit, or other prudent investment alternatives. The Association recognizes that the Manager is not acting as an investment professional.

b. Provide support to the Association in its responsibility for investment of funds. This support may take the form of limited investigation of rates or assistance in completing necessary forms required by the banking institutions and investment firms.

c. Reflect relevant maturity dates and rates on the Association’s Balance Sheet for reference purposes.

Maintenance & Janitorial

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Sustainability Matters

United takes pride in providing associations with first class personnel.

We help create a sustainable environment through continuous maintenance of community facilities.

Our maintenance and janitorial services are expansive and we can help you accomplish just about any service needed in your community.

a.   United shall provide an English speaking, uniformed, maintenance / janitorial person to work the number of hours per week as requested by the board.   This person shall be compensated and employed by United and shall not be employee an of the Association.  

b.   The Association shall supply all equipment (including the pro-rata cost of a cell phone and possibly a golf cart) for the normal cleaning and maintenance of the Common Areas.   The cost of all supplies and equipment shall be borne by the Association. 

c.    United shall design and implement a daily duty list of items to be performed by the employee. Checklists shall be created and utilized to insure satisfactory performance by all employees.  

d.   The maintenance personnel will be expected to perform minor maintenance repairs such as irrigation, pressure cleaning, touch up painting, etc.  Electrical and plumbing repairs not requiring a license can also be performed if the Association desires this level of experience.